Years of Experience

Tennis is an individual sport,

which is exactly why it is essential to have the right team of people around you. We understand that good coaching goes far beyond the work on the court. Our goal is that every player in the academy receives every opportunity to imoprove him/her self physically, mentally, technically or socially. Our main priority is the personality of each and every player of the academy. For that we have a perfect mix of coaches.

Christopher Spencer

Chris is the foundation father of the Spencer&Spencer tennis academy in TVN Leistungszentrum Essen. Since 2008, the Spencer Academy moved to Düsseldorf and since then academy works together with TG Nord eV. Alongside building and managing the academy, Chris also played a key role in development of ATP player and German U18 Champion Peter Torebko as well as WTA player, numerous German Champion and Porsche talent team member Katharina Gerlach. Katharina used to train in the academy since her childhood and as to date still very much connected to us. For many years Chris worked together with Nick Bollettieri in Bradenton/Florida for NBTA and IMG. With a „work/play-program“ Chris was leading NBTA projects for IMG academy in Austria and Germany, before he came up with a decision to open his own academy. Chris is a die hard fan of the Star Wars series and uses every given opportunity to bring the force into the training sessions.


Nathan Spunda

Nathan started playing tennis at the age of 9 and was among the top players in his native country, the Netherlands, throughout his junior years. After finishing high school he opted to play NCAA I college tennis for Temple University in Philadelphia, where he graduated cum laude with a B.A. in photojournalism. He started teaching tennis once he moved back to the Netherlands and worked on a freelance basis for several academies, both recreational as well as professional. For the last few years he combined his work as a photojournalist with coaching top junior players during ITF tournaments, which brought him to countries such as China, Israel, Finland, Algeria among others. .

Aram Kocharyan

Aram is devoted tennis coach with a lot of drive and never-gave-up mindset. As a junior player (U12, U14, U16, U18) he reached Nr. 1 position in Moldavia. He also participated in International Junior Circuit TE, ETA, ITF and climbed to whithin the top 200. Participant of ETA-finals 2010/2012. Aram is certified PTR-, FTM- und ITF-Coach with more the 10 years of experience under his belt. As for today he is playing in the 1. Verbandsliga/Niderrheinliga. Years of experience on the tour as a player as well as a coach and active tennis player allows him to follow modern tennis trends. For years he was coaching and supervising ATP/WTA/ITF/TE players. As a coach he was able to collect experience in Moldavia Ukraine, Sweden, Italy, Poland and now in Germany. Aram has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Applied Science degrees. He speaks six languages, four of which fluently.
Now also a certified Padel Coach and an active Padel Player, with highlight such as participation in Padel Bundesliga. 2022 5th in Germany.

René Derveaux

Rene is mental - and tennis coach with USTA license and doctor title in philosophy, sociology, psychology from Duisburg - Essen University. He is always able to motivate and enhancement performance. Rene is still actively playing in the 1. Verbandsliga. As a coach he is able to combine his knowledge to inspire and trigger players to achieve their highest performance.

Dmitry Vizhunov

Dmitry started playing tennis when he was 4 years old. Tennis is his passion. During his junior career he was trained by Chris at the Spencer academy in Essen. He was able to reach the top of the ranking (U12) and constantly held his positions in top 10 untill U18 in Russia. Later on, he played NCAA division 1 College tennis for Temple University team in Philadelphia/Pennsylvania. Besides his coaching job, Dmitry is continuing actively to play tennis in 1 Verbandsliga Niederrhein. He is continuing his education towards masters in Energy and Finance at the Duisburg-Essen University and apart his native language (Russian) fluent in English and German.

David Hess

Der zertifizierte Tennis und Fitness Coach ist seit 2021 Teil der Spencer Tennis Academy. Seine Spezialitäten sind der Aufschlag, Technik- und Taktiktraining im Einzel und auch im Doppel. Durch jahrelange Erfahrungen mit internationalen Tennis Akademien, ist der leidenschaftliche Tennis Trainer vertraut mit Spielern aller Altersgruppen und Leistungsstärken. „Für mich ist Tennis in erster Linie verbunden mit Spaß und Freude. Dazu gehört sowohl die sportliche, als auch persönliche Weiterentwicklung eines jeden Spielers. Ich versuche täglich meine Leidenschaft für Tennis auf dem Platz zu übertragen, damit meine Spieler diesen Sport mit Leib und Seele erleben können.“ .

Gregor Mileusnic

I started playing tennis at the age of 5. Through the junior years I was among the best players in every age category in my country. After the playing career I transitioned into the coaching role and accruing the Level A coaching Licence from Slovenian and Croatian tennis associations. Tennis has enabled me to work and live in countries such as Croatia, Italy, Turkey, France etc. I have joined Spencer tennis academy to be a part of well organised and stabile environment

Stephanie Scheer

Since 2009 Steffi began working for Spencer tennis academy while she was finishing her studies at the university of applied science for sports management with concentration on sports club and association management (2010). She is the heart and soul of the academy’s management. Steffi is responsible for administration and coordination of time scheduling for players and coaches. She is dealing with all „off court“ related problems, so that coaches can primarily focus on their player on the court. Stephanie is the middle man between tennis academy and the club. Besides her full time job she is still actively playing tennis.

Lennart Brähler

Lennart ist unser Eigengewächs der Spencer Tennis Academy. Nach dem Abitur 2019 sammelte er zunächst bei unseren Tenniscamps und als Aushilfe gute Trainererfahrungen und ist seit 2021 festes Trainermitglied der Academy. Er begann im Alter von 8 Jahren Tennis zu spielen und gilt seitdem als tennisverrückt. Als lange aktiver Spieler beim TG Nord übernahm er dort Ende 2021 den Posten als Jugendwart. Gerade der freundliche und organisierte Umgang mit den Kindern und Jugendlichen liegt ihm sehr am Herzen. Neben dem Trainerjob studiert er Jura und absolviert im Moment sein Repetitorium in Düsseldorf .

David Forchap

Hi im David Forchap I started Tennis at age 5 Played moved to america with age 15 for 2 years to work on my skills to become a pro tennis Player at Nick bolleteries academy. I became a Atp professionell tennis Player with age 19 ranked on the Atp Tour. I played as an active Pro Player for 3 years. I myself played at the Spencer academy first with 11 years of age. Now I am happy to be back in the Team and give back what i learned around the World. I grew up at Spencer academy as a player and now I’m contributing as a coach to help other achieve their potential
What i love about tennis is that you never stop to learn to understand the game better and to get the Chance to improve your game and your Performance, no matter what age you are

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