Tennis is an individual sport

In 2019, Spencer Tennis is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a great memories of all those years that have passed. It has been 20 years of evolution and growth. However, the present and the future remain to be our main focus.


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Tennis Program

We provide tennis lessons for every single tennis player, regardless of age or level: from recreational to high-competetive to proffesional players. Spencer Tennis offers basic group for little beginners, regular group trainings for the club players and youth as well as lessons for adults. On top of all this, we also organize tennis camps, clinics, crush-courses and intensiv 2 or 5 days courses for tennislovers. We provide top professional training to the highest level of professional tennis players or aspiring ITF juniors. The range of players who come to Spencer Academy for their tennis lessons is very wide, we have tennis players from all over the world. All of our coaches speak perfect English as well as German.

Team Development

We have a great team of international coaches with experience from all over the world, so we constantly learn from each other, feed off energy around us, always on the mission to make the training and the academy better, create an environment for even more effective and enjoyable tennis atmosphere. In this atmoshpehere we would like to nurture and develop tennis players.

Our philosophy is very simple.

We know sports and tennis in particular is a great way to find the discipline, energy and general approcah to life. Through progress in sports we learn to improve and maximize our potential, which we can use later in life for our own success. Last but not least, tennis is a great way to improve our social skills and communication with other people

Enjoyment and positive energy are cornerstones of progress.

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